eyesweb? max? vvvv and processing!

The last days i was looking for another application for doing the computervision job, since eyesWeb’s “extract regions” block swaps the recognized blobs’ IDs when they change their position, which is problematic when one wants to track, or follow more than one moving object. Christian Iten and Daniel Luethi from the HGKZ told me that there was an Object for Max/MSP/Jitter called 2up.jit.centriods that can already track the spots. But Christian (Riekoff, not Iten) and me agreed to keep the multitouch screen as OpenSource as possible, so i ended up using the powerful freeware tool vvvv.

vvvv tracker patch screenshot

i have become a true fan in no time, since there are many advantages:

  • its’s free
  • it’s fast
  • its interface, once understood, is the most minimal but effective i’ve ever seen.
  • the “Contour” node (thats what Objects or Blocks are called in vvvv) gives us width, height, coordinates, form (sub-coordinates of border points) and orientation plus a Permanent ID of each blob.

right now i am rewriting (since everything is done by vvvv, this means throwing out wannabe-code) the OSCtracker in Processing. may i still call it “tracker”?

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  1. Chris says:

    Shame its not an open source program and only free to use in non-comercial projects. doh.

  2. jw says:

    Yes… but still, good for Students, like me. If one is going to earn Money with his Project, he can still buy Max. but surely, there will be a PD Object soon???, so all of us are happy.

    And i just discovered that the vital node “Contour” is a freeframe Plugin, and is using the OpenCV library. So, the Source code is included (any PD developer reading this?), and maybe the object works in Eyesweb as well? I’ll try…

  3. Leechar says:


    And here I thought I had a unique project in my head :-) Nice work with the FTIR screen. Did you think about using JMyron with it? That’s what I had in mind. I’d be interested in the results if you try. I’m planning to build a screen sooner or later only thing that stops me right now is that acrylic is a bit expensive :/


  4. jw says:

    hey leechar,

    at the beginning i used JMyron for tracking purposes, yet had to discover that it is way too slow for good tracking… Eyesweb, Jitter and VVVV are much faster since they are coded in c++ i finally decided to use vvvv since its free and has a clever blob detection function.
    however, the best system would be a self-coded application just for the one thing…

  5. RB says:


    What is the multitouch screen about which it’s written here? Is it something like the JazzMutant’s Lemur? What about the FTIR screen?



  6. jw says:

    No, it is about a FTIR screen, like jeff han built. see the other posts.

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