yampp and arduino want to play together

yampp and arduino

yes. it works. thanks to marion. the Yampp III industrial receives serial Data at a rate of 2400 baud and plays the songs back!!!

Thanks monika for letting me have that baby ;-)

watch a movie (uncut, so low-bandwith viewers will find it a waste of time…)

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  1. m says:

    cool! herzlichen gl├╝ckwunsch!! der kleine player hatte bisher schon ein echt aufregendes leben…

  2. boppyer says:


    I was wondering what do you use the easyradio modules for? I read your blog but am confused how they are intergrated with the YAMPIII and what they efffect.



  3. jw says:

    well the easyradio is just used to give a remote trigger signal… more information: way of the cross

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